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In this section, you’ll find letters to help you report identity theft and fraud to your bank or credit card company, letters to assist you with poor credit rating and documents that can help if you find yourself in financial difficulty and need to talk to your bank or credit provider about your circumstances.

Description Price
Letter to a business about a contract, loan or credit card that has been fraudulently taken out in your name £2.99 Start
Letter to a credit agency to change information on your records £2.99 Start
Letter to a credit card to alert them to transactions on your bill you don't recognise £2.99 Start
Letter to a credit reference agency to ask to see your credit files £2.99 Start
Letter to a lender asking them to hold off taking action for a loan you cannot repay £2.99 Start
Letter to a lender asking why your credit application was refused £2.99 Start
Letter to a lender explaining why you can't repay them or disputing that you owe them what they claim £2.99 Start
Letter to a lender offering to repay a loan in instalments or a lump sum £2.99 Start
Letter to your bank authorising them to give out information about you £2.99 Start
Letter to your mortgage company explaining why you are late paying £2.99 Start