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In this section, you’ll find documents to help you with your life at work, from starting a family and taking time off to care for your baby or asking to change your working pattern. You’ll also find letters to help steer you through the difficult times of raising a grievance because you feel you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly, for example, and appealing your employer’s decision.

Description Price
Letter to appeal your employer's decision on flexible working £2.99 Start
Letter to appeal your employer's decision on your grievance £7.99 Start
Letter to change the date of your return from maternity leave £3.99 Start
Letter to change your working pattern (flexible working) £3.99 Start
Letter to employer to express willingness to discuss settlement agreement £2.99 Start
Letter to request paternity leave £7.99 Start
Letter to tell your employer you are pregnant and when you want to take maternity leave £4.99 Start
Letter to your employer to raise a grievance £7.99 Start
Shared Parental Leave £2.99 Start